• Camp S.O.S.

    SOS Camp is a summer activity and day care camp for students of the Oaks. There will be Enrichment Camps and Boot Camps available besides

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  • Cool School

    Faith, family, and community, the Oaks Christian School is grounded in spiritual and academic growth. We're in Summerville for our cool school of the week.

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  • Octavia Mitchell Interview

    Why was the Oaks picked as a "Cool School"?  What are some of the secrets to Octavia's success?  How big of a role does faith

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  • Sherry: Testimonial

    Staff and parents are not the only ones who nominate teachers for teacher of the year! This one certainly stands out. Click "read more" to

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  • Coach Hartley

    My name is Jane Hartley and I have been the coach of the Oaks Christian School "Saints" archery team for 4 years. Five years ago

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Faith, History & Philosophy

Our History

The Oaks Christian School, a non-profit, independent, non-denominational Christian school, opened its doors to thirty-two students in August of 1998; grades K-4 through 2nd grade were offered. Meeting in the facilities of Crossroads Community Church, the school was able to comfortably meet the physical needs of its academic body. In the second year, the school grew to 84 students, offering K-4 through 6th grade. Mr. Carver, the founder, felt called by God to prepare the children to function confidently as the Body of Christ in a world which strongly pulls them away from God and His Word. Bill's respect for parental authority and his appreciation for the uniqueness of each child is foundational to the school's philosophy of providing an education which ministers to the whole family. We are a ministry of Crossroads Community Church. 

Our Faith

The school is absolutely committed to the central principles of the Christian faith, but allows for a variety of convictions on secondary doctrinal principles. The people who make up The Oaks Christian School represent a diverse group of evangelical churches; we seek to build mutual respect between individuals and Christian unity between the families in the school.

  • The importance of a consistent and personal adherence to the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ is emphasized. 
  • We ask that at least one parent of each student have a testimony of conviction of sin, repentance and salvation in Christ.

For the Lord gives wisdom, and from His mouth come knowledge and understanding. Proverbs 2:6

Educational Philosophy

  • We wish to stimulate and foster a love for the Creator who has blessed us with the capacity to know Him and His creation.
  • We seek to impart an understanding of how to learn and develop a hunger to keep on learning through a lifetime.
  • We attempt to cultivate and nurture Godly character and help the children discover their talents and gifts and use them to the glory of God.
  • We encourage opportunities for parents and guardians to participate in the education process within the school setting and in enrichment activities.


  • Our first desire is to serve the parents as they fulfill their God-given responsibility to teach their children.
  • The Oaks provides an education with high academic standards, in an environment that teaches and models a Christian world view. Our foundational world view is based on the unchangeable Word of God---the Bible.
  • Because God revealed Himself in His creation, in the Bible and in His Son Jesus Christ, we confidently teach all subjects in the light of His Lordship.
  • We strive to consistently demonstrate Christian love and principles in relationships among students, teachers, administrators and parents.
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