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When there is no iPad - Accessing eBooks, Drive, Classroom and other apps from other devices

02.06.17 | Parent Interest

    They shall be called Oaks of Righteousness, the planting of the Lord, that He may be glorified  - Isa 61:3b

    No iPad? No problem!

    You can access eBooks, Drive, Classroom and apps from almost any device

     Sorry students, having iPad trouble does not mean you have an excuse to take a homework break!

    Every website, online service or app we use in school can be accessed directly using a computer, tablet or smartphone.

    • Google drive and Classroom use your Google address as the username and the usual password.
    • Quizlet uses your Google account for sign-in so sign into Google beforehand.
    • Bookshelf uses your Google address for your username and the usual password but with a capital "O"
    • Renweb uses the beginning of your Google password (1st letter of 1st name and last name) minus the and the password is the usual.



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