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We currently have two children that attend the Oaks and I am so thankful that we were guided to this school. The teachers promote compassion and love in their lessons and you can see the results of this when you speak to the children at the school; they express empathy, love and most of all, confidence. The small class sizes permit for more one-on-one interaction between the teachers and students and the admin support personnel are amazing, welcoming our children by name at the days start and sending them off at the day's end. The Bob Jones Curriculum does an excellent job of preparing our children for educational growth and is challenging yet encouraging. The Oaks is a great option for those who desire a Christian homeschool-like, family-oriented environment where your children are safe and can focus on their education and discipline. The high school students that I have spoken to that attended The Oaks through middle school mention that they are put in advanced courses upon entering high school. One perk of the school that I love is that parents are welcome to join their children for lunch periods; I enjoy having the opportunity to spend time with our children's teachers and friends. We can't wait for our two youngest children to join their two older siblings at The Oaks!

Deborah Swain


We are so happy God led us to The Oaks. In a short time it has exceeded our expectations especially in the area of making my kids feel important, safe and cared for. I am impressed with their execution of the curriculum and the teachers are organized. The kids started in the end of 1st quarter but the transition has been smooth because of the help from teachers and office staff. I am so grateful we are here. Looking forward to a great year.  

Kelly Reser



Everyone is so accepting and kind ! The teachers are super nice, caring and thoughtful of the children ! Such an awesome school !  

Kristina Austin



Absolutely the best school for any child. We are so thankful that God led us to this amazing school. We have been in the school for less then a week and can already see our little one growing/maturing in many ways. He LOVES school! 
He woke up disappointed that it was Saturday and he did not have school. The staff and the teachers are nothing short of heaven sent, truly feel like family! We found were we belong!

Rian Bang

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